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Newly established, yet with years of experience

Smart Precision Engineering was established in 2015 by Martin Ward. Martin began his engineering career as a traditional apprentice when Phil Handy of Handy Engineering offered him his first ‘proper’ job back in 2002. At this time, Handy Engineering had been established for 10 years already and was continuing to go from strength to strength, with a focus on quality, attention to detail and a well organised, efficient workshop.


In this employ Martin quickly forged a strong working relationship with Phil which went on to become a lifelong friendship. Not only this, but during the decade Martin spent as an employee of Handy Engineering, Phil imparted a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise to his apprentice.

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Fast forward to 2012 and, feeling a personal need for change, Martin took the tough decision to leave Handy Engineering for pastures new. Over the next 3 years Martin continued his personal development, spending some time in the sister discipline of Toolmaking before making the next natural step up to workshop manager for a fondly remembered plastics machining and wholesale company.

Personal development

Then came the day when he phoned Phil with the offer of some work, and was instead met with the offer of a business - Phil was semi-retiring, and the opportunity to acquire a fully equipped workshop with an excellent trading history and reputation presented itself.


And so Smart Precision Engineering was born. With Phil remaining involved on a day to day basis, the same expertise behind the scenes has been retained along with the same high standards and work ethic, now paired with fresh impetus and ideas – we are very excited to be driving forward into 2015 and beyond!

The opportunity of a lifetime

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